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Pureline Water Filter

4 Reasons To Change Your Filter On Time


Water filters removes bacteria's from your water


Keep your Water clean


Keep the Water flow fast


Keep the Water taste great

Why Choose

The Benefits of Product Registration

All filters have a life cycle before the filtration begins to lessen in quality. While PURELINE is one of the highest quality filters on the market it is no exception to this rule. PURELINE's first and foremost goal is that its customers drink clean, fresh, and great tasting water. This is why PURELINE recommends to its customers to change their PURELINE filter after 300 gallon of use or every 6 months(Which ever comes first). PURELINE stands by its warranty during this period of time. In order for us to better ensure your warranty we require that our customers register their filters before installation. Failure to register your filter may result in our inability to verify your warranty. Please register your filter so that we may be able to immediately honor your warranty should you need to do so.

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