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Frigidaire Water Filter for WF1CB, WFCB, NGRG 2000, Puresource RG-100,NGRG 2000. Also compatible with Kenmore 46-9910, 46 9906. Designed to Exact Fit as Original Frigidaire Filter. - Pure Line Filters

Frigidaire WFCB & NGRG 2000 Water Filter Replacement with Advance Filtration. Compatible with Frigidaire WF1CB, NGRG 2000, WFCB, RG-100

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PURELINE was founded with the belief and mission that every human being is entitled to clean and safe drinking water. The Frigidaire WF1CB Water Filter is too expensive for many people so they just leave their filters without changing them, which results in people drinking water that is dangerous and unhealthy. Most of the generic filters on the market are sold by foreign companies looking to make a quick buck by selling poorly made water filters that are not 100% compatible nor do they have advanced filtration for their carbon block. PURELINE is an American company located in Elmwood Park, NJ. Our Frigidaire WF1CB Water Filter replacement is designed to be high-end with 100% Compatibility and an active coconut carbon block that filters at the .5 micron level for advanced filtration.

  • TRIPLE ACTION FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: Our filters use advance carbon blocks made of active coconut carbon that purifies the water first through mechanical filtration of the waters passing through the micro-pores of the filter. Then the water is further purified through two seperate stages of ionization filtration that take place as the water passes through the carbon block to your refrigerator. This filtration process is state of the art and not something other filter brands offer
  • REMOVES 26 CONTAMINANTS: PURELINE removes 26 contaminants from your water. Our filters remove 99% of Heavy Metals, Mercury, Chlorine, Odor, THM, Voc, micro-organisms, particles and 95% or Greater Reduction Rates of Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lindane, and all other major contaminants.
  • CERTIFICATION: PURELINE filters have been tested and certified by the NSF, WQA, and IAPMO.
  • BETTER THAN THE BRAND: PURELINE filtration technology is the most advanced in the industry making our filters better than the brand filters. or any of the generic filters on the market.
  • COMPATIBLE FRIGIDAIRE MODELS: WF1CB; WFCB; RG-100; RC-200; RF-200; NGRG-100; NGRG-2000.218710901; 218710902; 218717805;21894101; 240389101732306; 218904501; 218904602; 2189; 240389102; 240394501

Compatible with Following Refrigerator Models

WFCB, WF1CB, WSF-1, NGRG-2000, RF-100, RG-100, 2187, 218710902, 218717805, 218732306, 218907800 240389101, 240389102, 240394501, 469910,46-9910, 4609910000, 9910, 9910P

Compatible Frigidaire Filter Model / Part Numbers

AP2591529 PS503627, PS898866 RF10, RF100, RG100, RF-100, RG-100, RWF1030 FRRF-100, NGRG-100 RC-200, RC101, RF200 FMF-2, HDX-FMF-2 NGRG2000, NGRG-2000 OPFF-RF300 SWF1CB, WFB, SWFCB, SWFB, SGF-W1CB-SW, SGF-F1, WF284, WSF-1, WSF-2, WSF-4 WFCB, WFCB-EFF, WF1CB, WF1CB-EFF, WFCB12, WFCB18, WFCB20, WPSF-2, RF-200, RC200, RC-101, RC-900, RC900 09183849, 108015 218994101, 218717805, 218657600, 218657701 240389101, 240389102, 240394501 218710901, 218710902, 218732306, 218904602, 218907800, 218904501 46-9906, 609906000, 469906, 4609906000, 04609906000, 5303918017 9906, 9906P P_N_SWFCB, P_N_WFCB2PAK

Compatible Sears / Kenmore Filter Model / Part Numbers:

9910, 469910, 46-9910, 9910P, 046991000, 04609910000


Min. operating temperature.......... 0.6°C / 33°F

Max. operating temperature........ 33°C / 100°F

Min. working pressure............. 207 kPa / 30 psi

Max. working pressure.......... 827 kPa / 120 psi

Rated capacity............ 1,137 liters / 300 gallons

Flow rate.................. 1.9 lpm / 1 gpm (gallons per minute)

Filtration:................0.5 Microns

Regular Carbon Block vs. Advanced Carbon Blocks

Most generic filters on the market use regular carbon blocks. These filters utilize only one method of filtering contaminants known as mechanical filtration. Depending on the pore size of the holes in the carbon block will dictate whether the carbon block can removes smaller contaminants such as particles, pesticides, and ect...PURELINE and the OEM use advanced carbon blocks. An advanced carbon block utilizes three methods of filtration, mechanical filtration, electro-kinetic adsorption, and physical adsorption. Mechanical filtration is the water passing through the pores of the carbon block, contaminants getting trapped, and not being allowed to travel with the water as it passes through the rest of the carbon block. Advance carbon blocks are made with active coconut to allow the carbon block to develop a positive ion charge to pull the pollutants out of the water via their negative ions. Physical adsorption pulls remaining pollutants.

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